Top 10 (Things to Do in Barcelona): August Edition

After having been here for a while, I have come to think of it as useful to compile “top 10” lists monthly as to avoid missing out on all that Barcelona has to offer. So, for my inaugural post on this particular blog, I will now outline my list of the “Top 10 Things to do in Barcelona: August Edition.” (Mind you they are not in any specific order).

  1. Go to the beach, often!
    • You guys – let me do the math for you on this one: You are in Barcelona + It is August = you should be at the beach! You have like 50 beaches to choose from, whether you want to stay close and just park it at Bogatell beach in the city, or take a commuter train out to Casteldefels or San Pol del Mar. All easy to get to and the best way to cool off is in clear Mediterranean waters!
    • Mags, myself, and Linds at Bogatel beach!

      Mags, myself, and Linds at Bogatel beach!

  2. Free, outdoor movies on Barceloneta beach
    • So from July 17th to August 24th, Barceloneta beach plays host to free outdoor screenings of alternative films every Thursday and Friday evening. Yes, you heard me correctly – it’s FREE! All you have to do is bring a towel or folding beach chair, a beverage, and show up around 8 to ensure getting a good seat! For more information check out their website:
  3. Annual neighborhood festivals
    • Each August marks the annual neighborhood celebrations that pop off starting with my neighborhood, Gracía, to Sants, to Barceloneta, and finally end with Poble Nou. Gracía’s particularly colorful weeklong festival is not to be missed – picture decorated streets, drink and food stands galore, and more outdoor concerts than you have time to attend!
    • Up Close and Personal during the parade at last year's Gracia festival!

      Up Close and Personal during the parade at last year’s Gracia festival!

  4. Evening runs along the boardwalk
    • If you’re like me and realize you need to run off some of the many croissants you’ve downed while being in Barcelona, I highly recommend an evening jog along the boardwalk. If you’re looking for a challenge, you can run from Mar Bella beach all the way along the boardwalk to the Hotel W and back for a solid 10k! You can’t ask for better scenery, nor do you have to wait at stoplights.
  5. Picnic in Ciutadella Park
    • Perhaps not enjoyable at the dead heat of the day, pick a good time to go and have a picnic in Barcelona’s biggest park, Ciutadella. You can easily pick up a bottle of tinto de verano and some fresh olives at the Born Market, walk over to the park, and relax to one of the many music performers often doing their thing in the park.
    • The big fountain at the heart of Ciutadella park

      The big fountain at the heart of Ciutadella park

  6. Movies on Montujuic
    • Self-described as an “open-air film festival under the Barcelona sky,” Sala Montjuic is open this summer from the 6th of July to the 8th of August. Tickets are 6 euros and can be bought online at their website:
  7. Swimming pools on Montjuic
    • Up on the top of the Montjuic hill there are two public outdoor swimming pools – the Piscines Bernat Picornell (open year round) and the Piscina Municipal de Montjuic (only in July and August). Great alternative to soak up some rays minus the sand and saltwater.
  8. Summer eats/ sips…
    • Summer in Spain means it is… yes, Gazpacho season!!! Three cheers for cold, ever-refreshing tomato soup! While it may not sound appetizing if you’ve never tried it, you must give it a go. August is prime time for gazpacho, tinto de verano, watermelon, gelato, and of course icy-cold sangria.
    • Enjoying some cava sangria at Makamaka!

      Enjoying some cava sangria at Makamaka!

  9. Summer sales
    • July and August in Spain are the months of summer sales in most retailers, aka Rebajas! You can find great deals up to 75% off merchandise of all kinds, from malls to mercados, and boutiques to souvenir shops. With all that money you save from using Aashi Guest List (your key to getting into the best clubs FREE), this is the best time to spend it on new threads!
  10. Get out of Barcelona!
    • Yes, a bit contradictory to the title of this post, but August really is a good time for a weekend trip, a day getaway, etc. Barcelona is surrounded by easily accessible, affordable spots such as Sitges, Casteldefels, and of course the gorgeous towns in Costa Brava. Pick one and go!
    • Kayaking day-trip to Costa Brava with Barcelona Excursions!

      Kayaking day-trip to Costa Brava!


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