Top 10 (Things to Do in Barcelona): September Edition

After having been here for a while, I have come to think of it as useful to compile “top 10” lists monthly as to avoid missing out on all that Barcelona has to offer. So, here’s my “Top 10 Things to do in Barcelona: September Edition.” (Mind you they are not in any specific order)

  1. Go to the beach, often!
    • You guys – let me do the math for you on this one: You are in Barcelona + It is September = Soak up the rest of the warm weather in the sun & sand! You have like 50 beaches to choose from, whether you want to stay close and just park it at Bogatell beach in the city, or take a commuter train out to Casteldefels or San Pol del Mar. Also, watch out for complimentary beach events hosted by Aashi Guest List (like on Sept. 7th around 5pm there’ll be a beach picnic w/ sangria and snacks)!
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  2. Annual Neighborhood festivals
    • While the majority of neighborhood festivals take place in August, one of the best ones happens mid-September… Poblenou! Starting Sept. 12th and finishing up on the 21st, La Festa Major de Poblenou is an over a weeklong celebration in the beachside neighborhood. Personally, I am looking forward to participating in the 10k race on the 14th as well as the live-music shows on and near the Rambla de Poblenou. Check their FB page for more details!
  3. La Mercè
    • The annual citywide celebration of Barcelona’s patron saint, the festival of La Mercè is not something to miss! Well actually it would be hard to miss, but still. The actual holiday is Sept. 24 but the festivities start days before and continue on for days afterwards! My favorite parts of the festival last year were the free outdoor concerts in plazas (like Plaza de San Jaume) and the shows in Ciutadella Park. There’s also the La Mercè 10k on Sept. 28th!
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  4. Find your workout groove
    • I say this because September means that the gyms and yoga studios have all come back from vacations and are now back to their normal class schedules. I recommend Yogalinda for hot yoga classes in English near Vila Olimpica. Also, still great weather for boardwalk runs and then along with the aforementioned races, you’d be good to go!
  5. Explore a less-touristy area
    • Perhaps you’re a study abroad student who has just arrived in Barcelona… in that case once you get your bearings in the city, get off La Rambla and explore the less-touristy areas. Neighborhoods like Sant Antoni, Raval, and Poblenou are perhaps more off the beaten path, but so very worth it! There is much more to BCN than Barceloneta and the gothic quarter!
  6. Check out the Encants market
    • Take the metro to the Glories stop on the red line and follow the signs out to the Encants market. Open Monday, Wednesday, Friday from about 8am to 2pm, the recently renovated Encants market is the perfect place to find antiques, cheap gifts, second-hand goods, discount stuff for your apt, and so much more! Slightly overwhelming at first, take your time to look around, people watch, and sift through whatever tickles your fancy.
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  7. Spend an evening at the Montjuic Magic Fountain
    • The Font Magica is located on your way up to the top of Montjuic right off of Plaza España. In the evenings Thursday through Sunday, the fountain plays FREE musical shows on the half hour and includes musical styling to everything from Disney soundtracks to Michael Jackson’s greatest hits.
    • 1899800_10202175793099130_4587323848642507215_o
  8. Languish on a street terrace
    • Find a café and grab a seat at a table on their outdoor terrace. Advance warning; outside terraces often come with a ten percent markup on your order just because they can. But it’s usually worth it to chill out outside and relax like so many Barceloneses do on a daily basis. I particularly enjoy the Rambla de Poblenou, any plaza in Gracia, and Carrer Blai for outside seating options galore!
  9. Celebrate Catalonia with the locals
    • September 11th happens to be the National Day of Catalonia (or Diada Nacional). Sept. 11, 2014 officially marks the 300 years since Cataluña became an official part of the Spanish entity; long story short, the day is not meant to celebrate Catalonia becoming an autonomous region of Spain, but rather it celebrates what once was the independent Catalan state, something that many locals hope to make a reality again. Get ready for protests, parades, parties, and more all over the city!
  10. Get out of Barcelona!
    • Given that September still has really nice weather to be out and about and enjoying the outdoors, don’t miss out on getting to those just outside of Barcelona spots. Think Montserrat, Girona, Figueres, Sitges, Tossa, Roses, etc. The world (or Spain) is your oyster folks!




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